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Customer Testimonials for Delta Motors

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Dave Lamb - - - -

Dave Lamb reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Best bang for the buck and best truck selection in the area!!

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Mark Trakes - - - -

Mark Trakes reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Bought several vehicles from Delta over the years....always a positive exerience. Highly recommended when purchasing a SUV OR 4x4 vehicle.

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Matthew Sellers - - - -

Matthew Sellers reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

They are very helpful when buying a car if something is wrong with the car they will fix it

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Andrew Bell - - - -

Andrew Bell reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

I could trust Rob with anything! Trustworthy honest and caring

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Judy Wetzel Eckart - - - -

Judy Wetzel Eckart reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

We purchased a Ford F250 on Saturday and can't say enough good things about them. Excellant service and super fast delivery. I am a very satisfied customer and I highly recommend Delta Motors. A+A+A+

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Shawn Defrain - - - -

Shawn Defrain reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Very pleased with the vehicle I purchased from Delta. John the salesman was very helpful and very polite. Hope to purchase another vehicle from them in the next few months.

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Collyn Drake - - - -

Collyn Drake reviewed Delta Motors — 4 star

Great service. The salesman was very honest, and took the time to help me find my first car. When it's time for an upgrade I will be coming back.

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Judy Wills Bialecki - - - -

I love my beautiful teal Chevy Avalanche, it rides so nice, I feel like I'm driving a Cadillac. the interior is very clean and exterior was well maintained. Rob was awesome and so were the other guys.

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MJ Marqua - - - -

MJ Marqua reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

I've only had the truck for 2 days but so far so good. John the salesman was great. I drove up from almost 3 hours away. The truck was what they said it was when I got there. Plus they gave me a 4 month warranty.

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Jeff Casty - - - -

Jeff Casty reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

I have purchased 10 vehicles over the last 2 decades from Delta Motors. All of the vehicles performed well and I paid a great price each time. When the time comes for my next vehicle I will stop there first.

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Jared Torres - - - -

Jared Torres reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like! The customer service is top notch too.

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Larry Trakes - - - -

Larry Trakes reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Bought my 2004 F250 off them. They made the necessary upgrades before I bought it. 3 years later still a great strong running truck. Would highly recommend them. Great to deal with and I saved a lot of money when comparing pricing. Will be back again!

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Mike Marciniak - - - -

Mike Marciniak reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Made my first vehicle purchase at delta motors and it was a wonderful experience. The staff was extremely kind and helpful and went out of their way to help me. Excellent selection of vehicles and priced fairly. I would recommend delta first to anyone looking to buy a vehicle.

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Brittany Gresh - - - -

Brittany Gresh reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Rob and staff were a pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond to help me sell my car and get out from under the loan i had been buried in for 7 years. Highly recommend. ?

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Brandon Kile - - - -

Brandon Kile reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Stopped in here today to see about a possible vehicle "upgrade" and dropping my payment. Don't know if they can help but they're willing to try without wanting to bounce my credit around to everywhere. Not pushy or aggressive at all!

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Debbie Ann Blett - - - -

Debbie Ann Blett reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Truly proved he's a Honest Dealer & top notch customer service! I commend Rob for doing the right thing. I'm now a firm believer in Delta Motors-Bloomsburg & that Rob is sincere in his efforts to run a honest business & provide the best customer service. The day the Explorer was delivery I found there where issues with it. I took my concerns to Rob & after he had the vehicle checked, he refunded, YES gave me my money back, including the tax, tags, paid warranty, etc.

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Denise Wagner - - - -

Denise Wagner reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star
March 22

We just purchased a 2011 F-350 from them. Their service was excellent. They stayed late two different nights to work with our schedules.
We got the Best Looking Truck on the Lot?

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John V. Peletsky - - - -

John V. Peletsky reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Rob is a great guy went out of his way to help me. Definitely a dealership worth checking out

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Roxanne Mabe - - - -

Roxanne Mabe reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star
March 3

I got a nice vehicle from these guys alomost 2 yrs ago. I had a question and contacted them and got a quick response. Absolutly wonderful. If you give respect you will get respect. Thanks alot guys.

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Courtney Ann Smith - - - -

I went to this place to look for my very first vehicle and rob hook me up with a 2006 jeep commander and its so nice with three row seating since I have three kids and this the best place to go too for a vehicle . The day I bought the vehicle I knew the door handles were broken so there fixing them and also just started a week or 2 every morning my jeep wouldn't start so there checking that out also .... I am so happy very my experience with the help they do here thanks a lot with everything you done and helped me

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Crystal Fegley Mrowka - - - -

Crystal Fegley Mrowka reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star
April 23

Purchased my Chevy Avalanche along with the extended warranty. Some mechanical issues arose after some time. Delta Motors stood behind the warranty and everything seems to be working great and reliable!!! Thanks Again!

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Missy Kaye - - - -

Missy Kaye reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star

Rob and his team were excellent with our sale. They recommended a finance company that met our needs much better, working with us the entire way. 
I can see a long standing relationship with this company, and can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond to accommodate all of our needs and asking to make sure all was going well.

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Richard Brown - - - -

Richard Brown reviewed Delta Motors — 5 star
March 27

Exceptional professionalism from a new and upcoming contributor to the community. As a veteran, I have nothing but pure integrity in this dealership. This is a very honest group of people to work with. They go above and beyond the expectations you could ever imagine we need good people and salesmanship that this dealership can provide. I do not normally write reviews but this is one worth writing-Rich

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